Advantage of a RIB

Advantages of Purchasing a RIB
Rigid-hulled inflatable boats are becoming increasingly popular for not only racers and divers, but average cruisers as well. What sets RIBs apart from more traditional boats used for fair-weather cruising is their level of safety, versatility, weight, stability. Here are a few of the benefits you get from purchasing a RIB:
You can go virtually anywhere.
RIBs are lightweight compared to traditional boats making them great for travelling long distances quickly, making them great for anyone who wants to cruise around and explore areas far away. Additionally RIB boats have an extremely shallow draft. They do not sit very low in the water due to the inflatable rings around the boat, making them the perfect choice for exploring shallow and secluded areas that other watercrafts simply cannot reach.
They are very safe.
If you plan on hitting the water when there is any type of chop, you will be hard pressed to find a regular boat that feels as smooth as a RIB. Not only do they perform well on rougher waters compared to traditional watercraft, they can handle a lot of water without sinking in the slightest. For anyone who plans on taking their boat out in higher force waters, a RIB is the perfect option.
They are easy to transport and store.
After a RIB is deflated it takes up a lot space than a traditional boat does, making it extremely easy to store away without a lot of space. Because it uses inflatable tubes for buoyancy, RIBs are also very light weight. This means the boat is easier to transport and does not require a lot of additional accessories to haul around your boat.

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